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Bring you a simple but powerful 720° experience.

Digitalise the Space with Content.


4D KanKan is the world’s first affordable 3D camera. The portable optical device helps
users to convert space and scenes into online digital 3D space.

Tiny Device, Powerful 720º Tool 

Untitled-1-05 copy.png

720º View

Indoor GPS

Social Sharing


Product AR

Cloud Storage

3D Model Construction

3D Objects for AR Modelling

Virtual Site Tour

Less is More

Easy and portable

Length 130mm ; Weigh 115g

Full Set of Backup

A series of supporting accessories for
effective work

Easy Use

Link with APP, can easily scan the space within a short time, not limited to tiro or professional


Designed as a easy use and powerful device for applying to different functions

application-04 copy.png
  • Virtual Tour

  • Location Based Virtual Tour 

  • AR Exhibits Display

  • Cultural Capital Digitalization

  • 3D scanning & printing

application-04 copy.png
  • Offline virtual tour

  • AR products display

  • Products digitalization

  • 3D scanning & printing

application-04 copy.png
  • 3D scanning education

  • VR & AR study tools

  • Study spacious concept

application-04 copy.png
  • Virtual site visit

  • Virtual Measurement

  • VR offsite communication

Chain retail
STEM education

If you have ideas and want to use for your business, please contact us now.
We also provide professional consultation and welcome for any collaboration.

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